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Search engines are the most important tool in internet marketing, 85% of all website traffic originates from search engines, with the majority coming from a select few. To be competitive, your business needs the proper exposure and should be ranked on the top results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. This is a process that takes time and the proper knowledge to implement it.

If you are a new business or a business who is for the first times entering the internet we can help position your website on the search engines and progressively move up in the rankings.
If you already have a website and need more traffic, we can also help! Our e-marketing techniques will improve your search engine rankings.

CyberCIS SEO service includes monthly reports delineating web analytics, keyword searches and search engine ranking for you to see how your business is improving. The success of a SEO strategy is based on the selection of keywords that uniquely target your customers. A successful SEO strategy will help you generate leads, by drawing specialized attention and specific traffic to your website while improving your businessís positioning in search engine rankings and your sales.



To become visible among millions and millions of websites requires an

e-Marketing Strategy.


Identify target audience

Product/Service research

Market analysis

Website architecture analysis

Content analysis

Keyword analysis

Code optimization to ensure search engine friendliness




Once your site is on the internet, you want it to be seen.


What new e-marketing strategies apply to your website?


How to increase exposure and multiply to visitors?

Let us help you find the best places in the search engine results, so your customers can find you easily.


SEOS (Search Engine

Optimization Services)

SEO Consultants


Placement in the top search engines


Registration into top Web and industry specific directories

PPC Campaigns (pay per click)

Ongoing account management


Strategies and Recommendations



Launching a website without a web marketing strategy is not enough to maximize your company's potential. For your website to become visible among millions of other websites you need an effective e-marketing strategy.

CyberCIS Corp. will develop a custom e-marketing strategy for your business which will give you a competitive edge and drive your online growth helping you improve your profitability. All of our services provide you with unique benefits and respond to your specific business needs; giving you superior utility and cost-effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing -

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Social Media has been integrated into consumerís daily life as the new medium to communicate on the internet. Social Media Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter when incorporated to your website can help you establish better communications with your customers and raise brand awareness.

Almost 61% of small business owners have gained new customers through social media.

Social Media Marketing not only gives your business the opportunity to get potential client's attention and generate leads, but it also serves a tool that provides you the opportunity to define your target audience, analyze your market, and plan your marketing strategy while driving more traffic to your website. Overall, Social Media Networks are powerful tools that will help you boost traffic to your website and quickly build a positive brand and increase your web presence.

CyberCIS Corp. will provide you with the initial implementation of the different Social Media Networks that are fitting to your business, provide you with methods on how to best use them, and integrate them to your website. We will also help you update and maintain the Social Media presence you establish and continue to develop.

Email Marketing (Newsletters)

Email marketing is directly marketing to current, previous or potential customers through email with the purpose of improving the communication and the relationship. This builds customer loyalty and can encourage new or repeat business.

CyberCIS Corp. can help you in your efforts to disseminate spread your message through email marketing. We will provide the design of templates which contain your overall company image to help you get started with your email campaign. We will also integrate it to your website and your social media so your customers can register for your newsletter easily.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

Search engines are the most important tool in internet marketing. Depending on whether you are looking for a long term or short term marketing plan you should opt for a strategy that includes Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is a way of advertising in search engines that is attractive to small businesses and sales companies. It is easy and it is measurable. By using PPC methods of advertising you can obtain specific search result immediately showing how many times your ad is displayed and how many times it is actually clicked.

The success of a PPC marketing strategy is based on the selection of keywords that target your customers. PPC will help you generate leads, and draw additional attention and traffic to your site. This will improve your positioning in search engine rankings and your sales.

CyberCIS Corp. will provide you with a full analysis of your website and give you a plan for a custom PPC campaigns that fit your needs.


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